Every woman knows that going to the gynecologist is not something they enjoy. Women fear that the simple examination will reveal something wrong with their reproductive health. Women are afraid of the examination and avoid visiting the gynecologist unless they have unusual symptoms.

An annual exam by a gynecologist can help women to keep their reproductive health in check and prevent any complications. We have listed 9 important reasons why you should get an annual ob-gyn exam. For more info, consult lifeline medical associates.

Reasons To Visit A Gynecologist

You can have regular check-ups once you’ve found an excellent ob-gyn. Here are some reasons to be responsible for your reproductive health.

Preventive Care Exams

An OB/GYN’s role is to diagnose and treat common gynecological issues and disorders. They also have to make sure that patients live happy life and don’t have any reproductive problems. You can discuss anything and everything with your doctor during your annual OB/GYN examination. You can use this time to learn all you need before your next visit. To stay happy and healthy, prevent problems before they occur.

Talking About Birth Control Options

Your OB/GYB appointments should be kept if you are using birth control. You may find that the birth control you used so far is no longer effective. Your gynecologist can give you advice on the best options for your situation and will perform any necessary tests to help you find answers.

Regular Breast Examinations

Apart from gynecological exams, your ob-gyn will also need to check your breasts for any health problems. Although you can perform this yourself at home, it is easier and more comfortable to have someone else do it. You should always consult your healthcare provider if you see anything that is not normal.

Pregnancy-Related Visits

An annual ob-gyn examination is necessary if you are pregnant. Every woman experiences a unique time in her life. Regular visits to the OB-GYN are necessary. Pregnant women need to be seen by a gynecologist or obstetrician who can provide the necessary care and make sure that the baby and mother are healthy.

Problems With Menstrual Periods

You should see your gynecologist if you have irregular or very painful periods. Unusual symptoms of your period should not be ignored. It could sometimes indicate a more serious health issue.

Problems With Urinary Tract Incontinence

While urinary incontinence may be temporary for some women, it can also cause serious issues for others. It is best to consult your gynecologist to address the problem. If they feel it is necessary, they might refer you to an expert.

Talking About Your Sex Life

It doesn’t matter what age you are, having a conversation about your sexual life with your partner can be a great benefit. How? Your doctor should be consulted if you have concerns about sexually-transmitted disorders, birth control options, or uncomfortable sexual intercourse. It’s not necessary to feel embarrassed. Your doctor’s job is to help ensure that you live a healthy life and enjoy every minute of it. You can ask questions about your interests and not be judged.

Preconception Planning And Discussion

You should consult your OB/GYN if you plan to become pregnant. They will perform an OB/GYN check and do all necessary screenings to determine if any pregnancy impediments exist. You will be asked about your medical history and lifestyle.

If you are trying to conceive but have not been able to, your doctor can help. You should not wait for your doctor to run the tests necessary to find the root cause.

Mental And Physical Well-Being

Annual OB/GYN check-ups are a great way for women to keep their reproductive health up to date and know exactly what is going on in their bodies. Do not avoid regular OB/GYN checks as they can help to determine potential health issues.

By Mia