The answer to this question is very dependent on the firm you employ for tax debt relief. Yes, there are reputable tax relief firms that may assist you in reducing your tax obligation or establishing an affordable payment plan. However, there are many fraudulent businesses. Do some research before hiring a tax debt relief company to represent you?

What qualities should you search for in a tax debt reduction company?

Ascertain that you are dealing with a licensed tax practitioner.

Some tax relief companies may have you talk with an unlicensed employee who will behave more like a salesman in an attempt to convince you to sign up for their services. These individuals are given official-sounding names like “Tax Consultant” or “Tax Associate.” However, these personnel are often not licensed to represent you in front of the IRS and should not be providing you with tax advice. Some businesses employ more salesmen than tax specialists. This business strategy should serve as a warning sign that the corporation is not looking out for your best interests.

Typically, when something looks too good to be true, it is

Tax debt settlement organizations sometimes offer “pennies on the dollar” settlements. Although this is possible, the IRS has certain rules for who may participate in these programmes. Most persons are eligible for some kind of tax debt relief, although not everyone is eligible for the “pennies on the dollar” relief that is sometimes touted. The business you choose should explain all of your alternatives as well as the likelihood of the IRS or state accepting the offer.

At Polston Tax, we will provide you with an honest appraisal of your circumstances and reasonable expectations for the result of your case. We endeavor to provide the best possible result for all of our customers and will not make “pennies on the dollar” promises in order to get your business.

Your privacy and security should be a primary concern for the organization.

You will be giving a lot of personal and financial information while dealing with a tax debt reduction organization. Is there a policy in place to secure your information from fraudsters or identity thieves? How is the firm set up so that you may transmit papers to them? Is there a secure web gateway (secure) or are you asked to provide papers by email (unsecured)?

Polston Tax is an industry leader in terms of technology. We understand that financial and tax information is very private. We have proactively established security measures to secure your data throughout input, transfer, and storage. You will have access to our highly rated secure online case management system as a Polston Tax customer. You will be able to easily and securely connect with your tax expert and view the progress of your case.

How may a tax debt reduction firm assist you?

Navigating the complicated web of tax regulations may take time and be difficult for non-tax professionals to comprehend. It might be intimidating with so many procedures, papers to fill out, and information to compile and show to the IRS. A million thoughts may be racing through your head. Do you meet the requirements? Should you give it a shot? Will it be successful? A reputable tax debt relief organization will provide you with information and alternatives while also guiding you through the process.

By Mia