Aluminum Hydroxide (AlH2O) is a chemical substance that is employed in a variety of applications.

Al(OH)3 is the chemical formula for aluminum hydroxide. It’s a water-insoluble crystalline white substance. It is bulk produced on a large scale as a precursor to other aluminum compounds.

Aluminum hydroxide is used in a variety of ways. In the chemical industry, it’s a precursor to other aluminum compounds including aluminum chloride and aluminum sulphate. It’s also used as a flame retardant in polymers and rubber. In the food industry, it’s used as an antacid and a food ingredient.

Manufacturing of Aluminum Hydroxide

Aluminum hydroxide is produced by the electrolysis of molten aluminum oxide in an aqueous sodium hydroxide solution. Aluminum and oxygen react in an electric furnace to form aluminum oxide.

The structure is formed of aluminum hydrate.

Aluminum hydroxide is an amphoteric chemical that can function as an acid or a base. In acidic environments, it occurs as the aluminum ion Al3+ and the hydroxide ion OH-. In basic solutions, the aluminum hydroxide ion, Al(OH)4-, can be discovered. The aluminum hydroxide ion has a tetrahedral structure with an Al-O-Al bond angle of 116.5 degrees.

When making Aluminum Hydroxide Gel, what precautions should you take?

When generating an aluminum hydroxide gel, the most important thing to remember is to keep the pH of the solution at 10 or higher to avoid the gel breaking down. It’s also important to keep aluminum hydroxide gel cold and out of direct sunlight.

Preparation of Aluminum Hydroxide Gel in Steps

1. On a weighing scale, place the aluminum hydroxide powder.

2. Pour in the needed amount of distilled water to produce a gel.

3. Stir until all of the powder has dissolved.

4. Store in a well-sealed container in the refrigerator.

Aluminum Hydroxide has a variety of uses.

Aluminum hydroxide is used in a variety of fields, including:

  • The production of paper
  • Water purification
  • Food manufacturing

Aluminum Hydroxide’s Harmful Effects

There are no known side effects from aluminum hydroxide.

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In nature, gibbsite (also known as hydrargillite) and its three rarer polymorphs bayerite, doyleite, and nordstrandite are found as aluminum hydroxide, Al(OH)3. Aluminum hydroxide is amphoteric, meaning it possesses both basic and acidic properties. Both amphoteric aluminum oxide hydroxide, AlO(OH), and aluminum oxide or alumina (Al2O3) are closely related. These compounds are found in bauxite, the aluminum ore.


Aluminium hydroxide is commonly used as a feedstock for the production of other aluminium compounds such as specialty calcined aluminas, aluminium sulphate, polyaluminium chloride, aluminium chloride, zeolites, sodium aluminate, activated alumina, and aluminium nitrate.

Freshly precipitated aluminium hydroxide forms gels, which are the foundation for employing aluminium salts as flocculants in water purification. The gel crystallizes with time. Activated alumina is a desiccant, an adsorbent in gas purification, a Claus catalyst support for water purification, and an adsorbent for the catalyst during the Sclairtech process to make polyethylene.


In a similar fashion to magnesium hydroxide and combinations of huntite and hydromagnesite, aluminium hydroxide is used as fire retardant filler for polymer applications. It decomposes at around 180 degrees Celsius (356 degrees Fahrenheit), absorbing a lot of heat and releasing water vapor in the process. It is exceptionally effective as a smoke suppressant in a wide range of polymers, particularly polyesters, acrylics, ethylene vinyl acetate, epoxies, PVC, and rubber, in addition to being a fire retardant.

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