The use of colored gemstones in engagement rings has taken popularity. When worn as a pre-wedding ring, they’re a show-stopping piece of jewellery that will turn heads.

You’ve found the nicest blue sapphire rings Sydney has to offer if you’ve been hunting for these six reasons:

1. Only blue sapphire rings exist.

A blue sapphire ring is the ultimate one-of-a-kind engagement ring. Why? Because no two blue sapphires are the same, your engagement ring will have a unique look, much like you and your future wife-to-unique be’s style of love.

Furthermore, blue sapphire stones may be found in any shape and aren’t limited to a few specific designs. All you have to do is choose out the kind of blue sapphire stone you want for your future wife, and you’ll be on your way to a beautifully crafted engagement ring that she will adore.

2. Sapphires are less expensive than diamonds in terms of price

Because the sapphire market isn’t dominated by a single company, as is the case with the diamond market, prices aren’t inflated to absurd levels.

In the sapphire sector, there are many people involved, giving it a more equitable market that doesn’t charge as much as diamonds. Although sapphires are just as uncommon and distinctive as diamonds, they don’t come with the heavy price tag that comes with them.

3. Sapphires are very resistant.

Sapphires have a Mohs hardness rating of nine, making them very robust and scratch-resistant. Apple Watch is covered by synthetic sapphire (a man-made sapphire with the same chemical and physical qualities as a natural sapphire), which shows exactly how sturdy and scratch-resistant these magnificent stones are in real life as well.

The robustness and scratch resistance of sapphires are superior to those of other gemstones, such as emeralds, making sapphires a popular and dependable option for engagement rings across the globe.

Beautiful, stunningly gorgeous

Sapphires, with their stunning blue and rainbow-hued tones, are unsurpassed in terms of aesthetics. Deep blue’s give way to ethereal lighter colours in these gorgeous jewels, creating a kaleidoscope of colour that glistens in the sunshine.

The popularity of sapphires as an engagement ring stone may be attributed to the fact that they are among the most alluring gemstones, capable of creating amazement and wonderment in anybody who sees them.

5. The contrast between the wedding band and these earrings is stunning.

Blue sapphire contrasts well with your wedding ring, which may or may not be set with diamonds, if you decide to wear both your engagement and wedding bands.

6. The value of sapphires is on the rise.

While we don’t expect you to ever part with your diamond or sapphire engagement ring, it’s comforting to know that the precious stone is so beloved that its price continues to rise.

With collectors eager to add these stunning jewels to their own collections, auction houses across the world are witnessing sales of these beautiful stones soar past previous records.

Blue sapphire’s surge in popularity and value is a tribute to the beauty of the stone and why it’s a perfect choice for an engagement ring.

By Mia